UpSpring Studio at Joe's Movement Emporium

aerial dance and creative movement for adults of all ages


UpSpring Studio LLC provides aerial dance and creative movement instruction to adults of all levels. New to aerial? No problem! We work with all bodies, so do not worry that you are not strong enough to fly with us. All classes, workshops, and lessons take place at Joe’s Movement Emporium in Mt. Rainier, MD unless otherwise specified.

Most of our classes are open to students age 16 and up. If you are between the ages of 16 and 18 and wish to register, please have your parents contact us at We do not offer classes or lessons for children under age 16. If you are seeking lessons for students under 16 years of age, please email us at for a referral.

Students, please note the following policies and information:

1. UpSpring Studio LLC requires all new students to sign a liability waiver. If you register online, you will complete the waiver as part of your registration. Parents of students under 18 must complete a written waiver on the first day of their child’s class or lesson.

2. Fees for private lessons are: $85/hr for a solo, $100/hr ($50/hr per student) for duets. The costs for group classes are typically $30-35 per class. Workshop fees are set on a case-by-case basis. The cost of lessons and classes covers studio rental, instructor fees, insurance, and the purchase and maintenance of equipment.

3. Payment for a private lesson, class sessions, and workshops is due prior to the start of the lesson, class session, or workshop.

4. Cancellations are not permitted; however, students may reschedule lessons with a minimum of 48 hours notice. Otherwise, the student must pay for the missed lesson regardless of his/her reason for the cancellation. (Students who must cancel with less than 48-hours notice and who wish to avoid paying for a missed lesson are encouraged to find another student to take their slot.) We will make every effort to extend the same courtesy to students and provide cancellation notices or schedule changes as far in advance as possible. Because we rent space per hour and because instructors must be paid for their time, we are not able to waive fees for students who cancel with less than 48-hours notice due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances.

5. Students should dress appropriately for the apparatus on which they will be working. In general, comfortable, form-fitting clothing that covers the underarms and backs of the knees is preferred. Students may also wish to bring ankle covers and additional layers to avoid burns and bruises.

6. Students are encouraged to come 10 minutes early to warm up prior to the start of a lesson. Warming up is an important step toward preventing injury, so please take your warm-up seriously.

7. Students taking a class or rehearsing must use mats under their apparatus unless specifically focusing on floor work.

8. Aerial work can be dangerous and can result in physical or emotional injury or death. While instructors work hard to ensure your safety, they are not infallible. They may give incorrect or incomplete instruction or fail to foresee dangers. Equipment may fail, students may misinterpret instruction, other students may interfere or distract from a lesson, facilities may be damaged, students may have known or unknown injuries or limitations, or other unforeseen dangers may exist. All students participate in lessons, classes, workshops, and any other UpSpring Studio events at their own risk.

9. Due to the progressive nature of aerial work, not all classes are offered on a drop-in basis. Students must register in advance for all classes, workshops, and lessons. Students are highly encouraged to attend class on a weekly basis to help build and maintain strength and avoid injury. Attending class regularly helps increase your chances of a safe and successful experience.

10. We want you to be successful. Feedback regarding private lessons and group lessons is always encouraged. Feel free to let us know if you need more help! Contact us at


Holiday Closures

We believe in balance, both on the trapeze and off. Taking time off to do other things is important! Please note that UpSpring Studio is usually closed on or around the following holidays so that our students and instructors can train in exotic locales, see their families, celebrate holidays, go camping, learn to play musical instruments, or whatever else brings joy to their lives:

Late December through New Year’s Day – Christmas/Winter Break
January – MLK weekend
February – President’s Day Weekend
March or April – Spring Break (usually around Easter)
May – Memorial Day Weekend
August – Summer Break
November – Thanksgiving Eve and Day